Chiara (laxirya) wrote in hawkeyelegacy,

Fandom10in30 ~ Round 31

Final Fantasy VII Remake | Vanitas No Carte | Aggretsuko | The Great Pretender | Gakuen Basara
The Umbrella Academy | Scrubs | Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV | Re:Zero | Dark

  → The theme was original background
  → If you take, please credit laxirya or hawkeyelegacy
  → Comments and constructive critiques are always appreciated!
Tags: !contestentry, !icons, animanga: aggretsuko, animanga: re zero, animanga: sengoku basara, animanga: the great pretender, animanga: vanitas no carte, comic: the umbrella academy, tv show: dark, tv show: scrubs, videogame: final fantasy vii, videogame: final fantasy xv

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